5 Ways to Get your First Blog Visitors

Getting the very first visitors to your blog can be tough.  There is nothing more deflating than starting a blog, posting some content and to see no visitors for days at a time.  But with a few little tricks you can easily get a little bit of traffic to get your blog of to a good start

How to Posts

Before you can start getting any traffic, you’re going to need some killer content.  Most bloggers over-estimate the amount of content a blog needs to start gaining traffic.  In reality you can get enough traffic to start making money with just 5 well written blog posts.

The best place to start is with “how to” type posts.  Create posts that solve a problem for users.  Like this post is solving the problem of getting traffic to a new blog.  These type of posts tend to do very well on social media and in Google.

Blog Commenting

These easiest way to get your very first visitors is to leave comments on blogs that are related to yours.  Leaving blog comments isn’t a strategy for getting masses of traffic, but its good way to get your very first visitors.

Make sure you leave good quality comments on other blogs.  If you leave spammy looking comments you’ll just annoy the owner of the blog and they’ll probably end up deleting it.  Add to the post – I often like to ask a question related to the content. It helps me learn more but it’s also nice for the writer.


In my opinion, Pinterest is “the” place to get traffic in 2019.  Facebook and Twitter no longer deliver a lot of traffic for bloggers.  So it’s worth investing in growing a Pinterest following.  The best way to do this is with a tool like Tailwind.  It will automate your Pinterest marketing and even if you don’t have a following you can use Tailwind Tribes to get your posts in front of influential pinteresters.


While Twitter is nowhere near what it used to be, it can still deliver some traffic.  My secret for using Twitter is MissingLettr.  This tool lets me setup a drip feed of content on my Twitter profile.  But unlike tools like Buffer, it automatically comes up with the Tweets based on your blog posts.  It then creates a number of tweets and schedules them over the course of a year.  This means you can have a years worth of content from a single blog post!

Even if you don’t use a tool like MissingLettr, I still recommend putting every post on Twitter.

Promote on MyEzy

Finally a bit of self promotion.  If you run a blog about blogging, SEO, making money or marketing then you can promote your content on MyEzy.  We have a section called “Blogger Links” where we share posts related to blogging with other members.  It’s an easy way to get some targeted eyeballs reading your content.  You need to be a MyEzy member to post a link.


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